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The real power of Sellacious in action.


Check out these logins to know what sellacious can do for your online store

User Based Access Control

An administrator has access to everything available in Sellacious. The administrator can create and remove user accounts for all user profiles i.e. staff, sellers, customers and manufacturers. Permissions for using numerous features of Sellacious to different users can be granted by the administrator. Only an administrator has the authority to approve payments and transactions reported in Sellacious.
Staff accounts can be created by the administrator for the employees of your store. Permissions to access specific features in Sellacious can be assigned to them to handle different departments or sections. Say, you can assign an employee to manage the Store's products while assigning another employee to manage E-mail Templates for the store.
A seller can register on the store's website to sell products using Sellacious. Sellers can manage their products using different product categories, view their order details, Manage their Transactions and Payments, Manage E-mail Templates and much more while having their own dedicated Page.
An administrator can create a custom login with a special access by assigning the specific permissions.

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