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Amazon PPC


We handle the launch of your product, the optimization of your product pages and amazon Sponsored Products PPC campaigns while maximizing Reach and Revenue for your brand. Our main KPI is revenue growth, and as we keep things simple and efficient on Amazon, you get the time and drive to focus on the core parts of your business.


 Whether your brand is new to Amazon, or has several years on this platform, we’ve found a few core strategies and tactics that are considerably effective for optimizing monthly sales.


Here we'll help determine what your goals are for selling on Amazon, whether it's generating revenue fast in order to build traction, maximizing profitability on each SKU, or a global expansion.    

Your dedicated Project Manager will review your existing or planned assortment and analyze competing or similar products on Amazon to see where the biggest opportunities are. We provide guidance on your initial and future assortment, product variations, and other factors that will help drive sales.



This is where we take the Action Plan and put it into practice. This often includes:

  1. Extensive Keyword Research to determine which words and phrases customers  are using to search for your (and your competitors!) products on Amazon. This creates the foundation for our copywriting and PPC (Paid Advertising) efforts. Effective keyword research that’s put into practice helps with relevance and sales velocity.  
  2. Professional copywriting for your product listings. A compelling product listing page which properly explains the features and benefits of each product helps with product conversion rates.
  3. Implementation. Uploading your products to Amazon requires a large volume of data to be organized in a specific format. We'll handle creating your Amazon account and uploading all SKUs to Amazon's system correctly, ensuring your products are indexed correctly and improving relevance.
  4. Customer reviews. Authentic customer reviews are the true lifeblood of your Amazon listings. Amazon's algorithms prioritize listings with good customer reviews, and potential buyers are much more likely to convert: 57% of online consumers trust other users. The challenge is that less than 5% of Amazon customers leave reviews. We help your listings get more authentic reviews through implementing a custom post-purchase email sequence  which encourages buyers to leave product reviews. Quality product reviews help improve conversion rates.
  5. Implement Amazon Sponsored Products Ads. Your dedicated PPC Specialist will plan, implement and manage a paid traffic campaign that generates profitable sales for you. An effective ad strategy can actually reinforce organic ranking of products, and ongoing optimization of your ads will help drive sales velocity and conversion rates.  



Customer service management. A key benefit of selling on Amazon through FBA is that most customer service issues are handled by their award-winning customer service team. This greatly lessens your commitment in this area, but does not eliminate it. Customer inquiries and product issues escalated by Amazon must be handled in 24 hours (even over weekends!) in order to not impact your Brand or Seller Score. And proactively managing negative feedback and reviews is critical to preserving your brand’s reputation on Amazon.  We will handle the majority of the customer service and operational concerns for you.

We'll handle any correspondence required between Amazon and your business, to keep you and your employee's time and attention on your core business.

Inventory forecasting and recommendations. Perhaps the biggest impact on future sales is product availability. Most brands operating in a multichannel capacity find it impossible to do effective demand forecasting and inventory planning for all of their sales channels. Your Project Manager will help with inventory forecasting to ensure your Amazon inventory is at the optimal level.



New Product Launches. We will initiate and manage the launch of new products in your assortment, and help identify new products to develop or add based on competitor & market research.  

New Marketplace Launches. After maximizing revenue on Amazon in the USA, the game is far from over. Amazon Canada, UK and Europe present exciting opportunities to grow reach & revenue for your brand, all while leveraging Amazon’s fulfillment infrastructure.

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