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Magento - E-Commerce

Magento E-Commerce CMS

If you have made a decision to open your ecommerce store, congratulations, you have done the right thing. When choosing a platform for website development, businesses have the options to decide between hosted or open source solution. While a hosted option seems to be safe, you might be limited by its constraint. Meanwhile, by using an open source platform, you have full control of your site. Following are the five reasons why Magento can be the perfect ecommerce platform to build your business.

1. Magento is exclusively built for ecommerce.

If you are familiar with WordPress and thinking about using it for online business website development, think again. While WP is a content management platform that offers ecommerce plugin, Magento is a platform built exclusively for ecommerce. It means that it has the best features for high volume online selling, customer, payment, inventory, and loyalty program management.

Many major world brands are using Magento for their business, including Coca Cola, Ford, Louboutin, Nike, and Nestle. Recent study shows that Magento takes about 29.1% of the total market share and dominates other platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Shopify.

Advantages :

1. Magento is continuously evolving and stuffed with features like Magento Templates, Add-ons, Magento Modules and Widgets, both free and commercial.
2. Advanced resources to perform search engine optimization (SEO) and attract natural or organic traffic which becomes inexpensive promotion.
3. Magento leverages of a huge community of developers, users and service providers all around the world. The community is flooded with talented resources, and it is growing at a fast pace.

Disadvantages :

1.Many people complain about Magento’s speed performance – but that’s only because they aren’t working with the proper hosting environment and setup.
2. It is programmed based on the MVC approach, and follows best web programming practices. For these reasons and others, Magento is a system that is not easy to work with.
3. Magento is a bit more expensive compared to other ecommerce platforms out there, but its extensive range of powerful tools and features make it worth the investment.
4.Specific development skill: To develop a Magento ecommerce store, the developer needs to have specific skill set. This is not exactly a disadvantage, as some companies like Wise Retail have skilled Magento developers. So you can hire these companies for site development.
5.Difficult to use: For a new user, setting up and customizing Magento store can a complex task. However, you can easily take over this challenge by sitting with your development team.

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