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Customise your Tally ERP 9 as your organisation needs


Skip or Disable Amount Column

Using price list in Inoicing in Tally ERP 9 A series? There is no matter of editing Amount column, if you use tagged price list for customers.


As of now there is no option to skip Amount column while creating Invoice vouchers in Tally. Download a small TDL, it will disable / skip amount column in Tally and protect the price overwriting. Administrators are able to overwrite. Includes user level control feature.

How to enable: Download the skipAmount.tcp file and save it in Tally installation folder or any other folder you wish. Go to TDL manager and paste the full path of the file skipAmount.tcp


Price List Report.

Generate Price List Report - View Tagged and Untagged customers list. 

Price List Report - User Guide   Download TDL

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